BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-25

@TychoBrahe bah it won't let me send DMs! Turquoise Hexagon Sun, Everything You Do Is a Balloon, Amo Bishop Roden, Chromakey Dreamcoat. # @TychoBrahe if you like listening to Tycho you'll like Boards of Canada. # planned a post about an interesting spider that just rocked up on my desk but while typing this it…

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2011-01-28

Daisy daisy # My very first Sylvanberry! # @katinacurtis Re: busses. Still work in fyshwick then? I jus started on collie st, perhaps lunch sometime when things settle down? #

2010 to 2011

It’s been a few weeks! So this promises to be a content rich update… Christmas was obviously the event that took up a lot of everyone’s time. Over here it came together quite well. This year’s tree was the best ever. I spotted it quickly and it turned out to be the perfect size and…

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-12-31

is taking the icecream maker for another spin. Tonight's flavour combo is Ferrero Rocher and Oreo on vanilla. We know no limits! #fb # wah wah wah, what's wrong with it? RT @furious_tfm Ew, twitter just forced me to change and the new version is gross! Ew! #NewTwitter # The night before #

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-12-17

@katinacurtis all i know is that the Ashes have knocked repeats of Antiques Roadshow off the 5pm timeslot and I'm not happy! #unaustralian # @elroyonline you did, but I didn't! I've blown so many things up already. So don't fret too much, I'll do enough damage for both of us! # declares it a perfect…


So today I received a very nice “better luck next year” letter in the mail, accompanied by a pretty certificate. According to it I was nominated for Australian of The Year 2011 by some mysterious supporter. Thanks, Batman!! This would have been for my work at CASE I assume. Well, maybe next year!