Airbrush progress

I’ve been using an airbrush for a while now. My Sylvaneth tree lord is the latest attempt and finally it all gelled. I switched brushes from the Badher Rage to the Chrome, and much prefer it. Siphon cups don’t seem to hold a huge advantage and there are risks (like it falling off…). Anyway. The…

Koala drinks from water bottle

I’m not sure if my international readers know, but currently parts of the state of Victoria is enveloped in a firestorm with potentially 200 people dead. I was forwarded this pic today. It naturally follows on from the “Koala sitting in tub of water” pictures doing the rounds on the internet. Awwww! Koala drinks from…

soz was afk

You might have noticed a blip in the posting patterns. That’s because I went down to the coast at the last moment! All I have to show for it are a few pictures of Alex’s ADHD dog and some local flora. I could have done worse!

The Kite Eating Tree

The blustery spring afternoon saw us down at Aranda oval, with kites. For the first time since the post here in 2003 we took to the skies. Unfortunately after running James‘ kite out the brittle wood spindle snapped, and his childhood memories were taken by the whim of the wind. Carried to the bottom of…

xo glam

Yet another set of photos of OLPC’s XO. This time I get up close and personal and the cat gets involved…and in theory you should get an idea of the size of the unit. Remember, you can check out this gallery and others in pictures section.