Custom Gorechosen board

Somin VS Tucker

I happened to catch a short interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he interviewed Ilya Somin, a professor at George Mason university. I’ve seen Tucker struggle before but this was special and demonstrates exactly how someone with opposing views needs to conduct themselves when appearing on FOX. Far from being a bleeding heart liberal, Somin…

Medieval Town Ambience

Guild of Ambience presents…

Toilet People


Captains Sebastian and Dragol participate in some Naval Action demolition derby.

Bad Lip Reading: Ted Cruz

Naval Action QuickStart Guide part #2

Following on from the previous video where we collected missions at port, checked out basic cutter and  bought repair kit, we set sail. In the second part of this QuickStart guide we look at finding the Admirality orders, engaging a pirate, how to get close enough to use carronades and (hopefully) how to avoid getting…

Naval Action: Quickstart video

Naval Action is an early access title available on Steam at the moment. This is the first time I’ve actually payed to play an alpha, but so far it’s been very entertaining. At this stage since so much is subject to change I won’t do a review of the game, however I have created a…

You can’t do better than this, really…

For posterity: Little Eli

Eli when he was a kitten.   Pretty cute really. Little chum!

For posterity: Kingsley the King Parrot

I’m clearing out all the old videos from my iPad and archiving them on youtube. It’s going to be more stock footage than anything else.