Guild of Ambience – Grimwade House

Grimwade House is located along the northern edge of Lake Ashenmoor. While much of the manor has fallen into disrepair, the living quarters remain active as lodging during winter. Guests have reported seeing light emanating from vacant rooms and hearing strange whispers throughout the night.

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #4

When everything you know is wrong.

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #3

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #2

You don’t stand a chance.

Guild of Ambience: Mana pool on Clydel mountain

There is a trail on Clydel Mountain that is said to lead to a collection of old stone pools. These luminescent wellsprings of elemental magic provide an increase in vitality to those who drink from it. Wildlife in the surrounding area has been reported to give off a similar arcane glow.

Diamonds In The Rough: The Sims

Cuh teekaloo, elicanto! With over 200 million copies sold, The Sims is a household name. In this episode of Diamonds In The Rough we listen to select tracks from the first title, expansions, as well as The Sims 2, 3 and 4! So polish your plumb-bob, put on your headphones and rediscover some music you’ve…

Diamonds In The Rough: Inns, Towns and Taverns

They are where adventures begin and end. They offer refuge to the harrowed adventurer. They offer ale, potions and insight into the worlds around you. Inns, towns and taverns have always been important locations in video games. And they often feature great music.

Diamonds In The Rough: Space

Space, the final frontier. Hear tracks from Hegemonia: Legions of Iron, Stellaris, Mass Effect Andromeda, Unreal Tournament and more!

Custom Gorechosen board

Somin VS Tucker

I happened to catch a short interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he interviewed Ilya Somin, a professor at George Mason university. I’ve seen Tucker struggle before but this was special and demonstrates exactly how someone with opposing views needs to conduct themselves when appearing on FOX. Far from being a bleeding heart liberal, Somin…