The Ambience of Max Payne

Following on from my Ambience of Monkey Island playlist I decided to start harvesting content from a few other classics that captured mood through audio. MP1 certainly fit that bill. YouTube Playlist:

The Ambience of Jurassic World

Triggered both by my recent purchase of Stern’s new Jurassic Park pinball machine and the fact that I ran out of Curse of Monkey Island scenes to capture, I’ve been slowly building up a playlist of 1hr recordings of the ambient sound and music from Jurassic World Evolution. It’s not a bad game. You can…

Diamonds In The Rough: Florez & Sunny

Podcasting royalty Florez and Sunny are guest stars in this special episode of Diamonds In The Rough! They were challenged to bring 10 quality video game music tracks to the party. Join us for wide ranging discussion and a wide variety of music. We go from a jazz cover of Super Mario Bros 2 to…

Diamonds In The Rough: Unreal

With a legacy spanning over two decades, Unreal and its successors have become a fixture in PC gaming. Released at a time when 3D acceleration was coming to the fore, Unreal made waves in the industry. Unreal Tournament solidified its place in the FPS multiplayer pantheon and all games in the series are known for…

Diamonds In The Rough: Wild West

Yeehaw! Diamonds In The Rough is back! Grab your lasso, saddle up ‘ol Bess and join me for an episode set in the Wild West. This episode features gems from Lucasarts’ Outlaws, Oregon Trail and of course the Red Dead Redemption series, plus many more!

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #4

When everything you know is wrong.

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #3

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #2

You don’t stand a chance.

Diamonds In The Rough: Ice and Snow

Winter is coming. At least in the southern hemisphere. In this ep we listen to music from Horizon Zero Dawn, Frostpunk, Cursed Mountain, Goldeneye and many more.

Diamonds In The Rough: The Sims

Cuh teekaloo, elicanto! With over 200 million copies sold, The Sims is a household name. In this episode of Diamonds In The Rough we listen to select tracks from the first title, expansions, as well as The Sims 2, 3 and 4! So polish your plumb-bob, put on your headphones and rediscover some music you’ve…