The Masters

Australia is representing well at this year’s US Masters challenge at Augusta. It’s been on pretty early in the morning, so I’ve missed most of the live coverage although I caught the last three holes of round two this morning.  The rest of the tournament I’ve been following through which, golf content aside, is…

Stumpy’s Plight

Returning from work one evening I pulled into the driveway and saw a possum sitting in the middle. Literally caught in the headlights, he looked in terror and then turned around and started to hop away. But his top speed was snail pace, because missing is his back right leg and all of his tail….

Welcome back

I’ve been meaning to do something about the look n feel of this place for a while now. In my head I’ve known pretty much what I wanted but of course things are always easier in your head… I stumbled across this template after doing a bit of a search and found it refreshing. Even…

The Baker’s Dozen

New goal: 13 loaves of bread from the River Cottage Bread Book. I’ve seen how easily it can be done, now it’s just about practice. Water, yeast, salt and flower for the win!

" They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
They pursued it with forks and hope;
They threatened its life with a railway-share;
They charmed it with smiles and soap. "Lewis Carroll

good grief, more purchases

I try to keep my collecting habit fairly restrained. My recent decision to collect a set of Peanuts badges (or ‘pins’, as the Yanks call them) for a few reasons. Firstly they looked cool. I’ve always liked badges and have a few interesting ones. Secondly they are small – collecting takes up space, so you’ve…

Mission to Cars

I’d been paining over buying a car for a while. Working where I do means public transport wasn’t an option and it’s too far/dangerous to ride. Since dad had retired I’d basically just been using his X-Trail, since it was free the majority of the time. But when it came to purchasing my own car,…

thomas was alone

Following the micro-blog kind of theme this place is following these days, here’s a trailer for an entertaining game that is worth the $10.   You can buy it (PC & Mac versions come in the same purchase) from the official site here.

Sports science isn’t rocket science

When I became a public servant I knew that my lifestyle would change, especially in terms of physical activity. Even though I’m a computer geek I’ve generally managed to maintain a lifestyle that involves something other than sitting in front of a computer. Living so close to the bush has helped, with great walking tracks…

mega update

When you’ve been this long between updates it doesn’t always make sense to recount things chronologically. I’m writing this the day after Australia Day (months later) and I’m happy to report I escaped the whole thing wtihout a hangover to speak of. Kind of impressed with myself, actually. Especially since this auspicious day is sometimes…

running on an even keel

It’s been a productive few weeks. Yesterday we launched the new Sleep Apnoea Association of ACT site. It was in desperate need of a refresh, probably the of the best examples of severe neglect I’ve seen actually. Took me right back to the Web 1.0 days! Anyway, I ran the spirit of their design through…