If there’s a bright center to the universe…

Elroy linked me to a rather amusing blog post that features some photoshopped Mac weather widgets for StarWars planets I’ve spent some time on. Included is Hoth, Cloud City, Tatooine and Dagobah. You can see them here. I mentioned that it’d be way more cool if those widgets were actually real. So he went ahead and…


His is partially a test from my iPhone, partially a post to let you known can make my own ravioli!

Making Links 2010

What follows is my three day coverage of the conference “Making Links“. It’s where “social action and technology converge”. This year it was held in Perth. I attended, representing CASE. Today’s workshop “Building Websites From The Ground Up” has proven very valuable for us and I assume everyone else. We’ve had a range of diverse…

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-19

EPIC FAIL, in fact. Poor form @virginblue, very disappointed. # just represented #joomla on the CMS panel for #ml10 Fair and balanced, fair and balanced! #fb # spotted @piawaugh using Selective Tweets on FB. http://on.fb.me/db9msF Great for stopping tweets from events etc flooding your friends! #fb # One last time.. #fb # and again. Sorry…

Hello, Perth

A quick update from the road (I guess sky) touched down in Perth this afternoon, quite tired. A short walk and some nice asian chicken later and I’ve got nothing bad to say about the city! Tomorrow kicks off three days of conference action, for details about this large event that deals with social action…

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-12

@bajopants A moth! I'll raise you a twig and what appears to be part of a spider. It's time for a shower. # RT @powerscosmic Well, we didn't win our own life sized zombie statue, but at least we still have each other. #ggtv # @furious_tfm what'd we miss out on? #

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-05

two new kites have arrived! Awoo, long tails. # @elroyonline i set mine to 2min intervals. seems ok to me! but i don't get a huge amount of tweet traffic in reply to elroyonline # @elroyonline it does, better than expected too! in reply to elroyonline # test tweet from Adium. #

wine review: Clonkilla Hilltops Shiraz, Victoria, 2009.

Boquet: Dark fruit, dark spice. Palate: Tanins, dark fruits and spice. Medium finish. This has the zing that I think of, when I think of shiraz. But that tannin action doesn’t distract from the other characters of this wine.The bottle says it could be cellared for a while to tame it, but goes well now….

an update

Been pretty busy on various things. Dad’s 58th over the weekend, we hosted a dinner party. I cooked a three course meal for fourteen people and somehow it all came off without a hitch. The menu was selected from the recipes I’d had most experience with, so starter was pumpkin and cumin soup, mains was…

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-10-29

@elroyonline what do you mean his replacement! I haven't authorised anything. in reply to elroyonline # Tridge has a shiny new Sonic Screwdriver! Thanks for stopping by @katelundy and @piawaugh ! # @katinacurtis I like that one! and the non-spill. Amusing presser at least. in reply to katinacurtis # new Boards of Canada impending? Or…

Powers Cosmic GG Zombie Comp video!

Well, we thought about it for a long time and then almost ended up not making an entry at all…. Then we changed our minds and decided that we would do a slightly different take on the whole zombie-video thing.. Elroy combined his two loves: not sleeping and zombies and the result was the following…

New Boards of Canada ?

New Boards of Canada impending? Or was it just a blip over the horizon radar…? “@bocpages Their site and myspace just got a black background. I don’t think this is just me. I thought I would let you know.” 8:34pm

Buttons loves his lollypop.

So Stacey has an old cat with a sweet tooth! I hear in Canada they feed them saucers of maple syrup for breakfast. Anyhoo she’s upped it to YouTube, it’s cute, so watch it!

The Coctivor’s Opportunity

I dont know whether to panic or cheer, or just head to the kitchen! I wasn’t sure where this presentation was going for a while but this guy ends up making a serious case for an overlooked aspect of our evolution. Thinking is tasty!