Sonic Mayhem: Doomsday EP

I hadn’t spotted this teaser vid/track from Sonic Mayhem a.k.a Sascha Dikiciyan. Apparently due out sometime in 2014, he’s clearly still able to respect his industrial roots!

Beyond Absence

It’s great having a large music collection. I’ve been growing mine for years. Occasionally, not often thankfully, the collection has to be moved and or cleaned up, usually on account of my purchasing a new computer or faster haddrive. It’s now at the size where it’s difficult to manage. I haven’t made the call yet,…

Cooking for Gamers: A Walkthrough Guide

When I started cooking it took quite some time to really work out the best approach. It turned out managing the kitchen side of things, not just the food, was key to the whole process. When I finally dropped the dollar on proper knives it was a bit of a revelation. With practice comes proficiency…

" Fear not, we're offering a treatment for everything. These are some of our customers enjoying a summer's day with a warm filter on the lense.

You can forget everything you've just seen if you switch over to our treatment. We can solve every problem you could ever hope to encounter.

Gee whiz, Doc, I'd like to know what's in this treatment before I prescribe.

The ingredients to this are so complex that even if we displayed them on the screen you wouldn't be able to see any words, they'd looks like foreign shapes.

This confusion may lead to angry outbursts in some, which is why must keep the whole thing away from the public.

Fat Pie - A Health Reminder (2007) "

PAX AUS 2013

I needed to let my brain recover before I posted anything PAX related. I’ve been home a few days now but the memories are still fresh, and they’re all good ones. When I first heard that the Penny Arcade Expo was coming to Australia I was surprised and happy. That probably sums up the feelings…

Top 100


Well, ABC Classic FM has been running their equivalent of Triple J’s Hottest 100. It’s more exciting than the Hottest 100 (these days), I’d say. They’ve never pretended that this would be an exhaustive list and even a quick glance over the list of 100 presents a challenge, albeit an entertaining one. If Vangelis’ Bladerunner…

Tomorrow’s Harvest

It took quite some time. But we have it now.

The Other Drone Zone

I saw a video of the Parrot AR 2.0 drone half a year ago or so and thought it looked like a lot of fun. Up until this point I’d been a $35 indoors RC helicopter kind of pilot. You know, weak IR, line of sight that kind of thing. I’d experimented a few times…

The Masters

Australia is representing well at this year’s US Masters challenge at Augusta. It’s been on pretty early in the morning, so I’ve missed most of the live coverage although I caught the last three holes of round two this morning.  The rest of the tournament I’ve been following through which, golf content aside, is…

Stumpy’s Plight

Returning from work one evening I pulled into the driveway and saw a possum sitting in the middle. Literally caught in the headlights, he looked in terror and then turned around and started to hop away. But his top speed was snail pace, because missing is his back right leg and all of his tail….

Welcome back

I’ve been meaning to do something about the look n feel of this place for a while now. In my head I’ve known pretty much what I wanted but of course things are always easier in your head… I stumbled across this template after doing a bit of a search and found it refreshing. Even…

The Baker’s Dozen

New goal: 13 loaves of bread from the River Cottage Bread Book. I’ve seen how easily it can be done, now it’s just about practice. Water, yeast, salt and flower for the win!