The Master System Collection

I’ve been casting around for a little while for a new collection to pursue. My last serious effort was the Peanuts badges (Americans call them pins) by Butterfly Originals. I have just shy of 70 now, which is basically the whole series.I continue to collect Laurent Durieux prints but I am running out of wall space. So what else fits the bill?

Retro gaming is a thing now. It has been for a few years. As a game I can point to the 90’s as my favourite decade for video games and it all started for me with the Sega Master System II. I own one (not the one i originally had, unfortunately) and I have a few games in good condition to go with it. They look good lined up and are relatively affordable these days.

So I’ve racked my brain to come up with a list of all the MSII games I ever played. My goal is to collect them all in good condition, in box, with manual. The hit list, as far as I remember so far, is as follows:


Alex Kidd: High-Tech World


Back to the Future III

Bubble Bobble

Castle of Illusion (starring Mickey Mouse)

Cool Spot

Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone II


Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Golden Axe

Hang On

Jurassic Park

Land of Illusion (starring Mickey Mouse)


The Lion King

Lucky Dime Caper, The (starring Donald Duck)

Marble Madness

Micro Machines

The New Zealand Story

Out Run


Penguin Land




There have to be a few more but they aren’t jumping out at me right now. Still, the above looks like a reasonable start. eBay here I come!