I’ve done a fair bit of baking in my time. I’ve always felt it’s more chemistry than anything else. With our new Kitchenaid, which is now an indispensable piece of equipment, impulsive bakery action is now a reality. This afternoon I made what is essentially a perfect white loaf. It’s not that I haven’t been…

Rapid Fire – VGM Quiz #1

I’ve put together some very short “quiz” style videos after seeing a few floating around on Reddit. You’ll have to really know your stuff to do well or care at all.  

Diamonds In The Rough: Deserts, Dunes and Dust

The second episode of Diamonds in the Rough is now available. In this episode we trek into the dry and dusty wilderness of video games that feature levels set in arid areas. 

Newllio is doing the YouTubes

Newell has always been into the ol multimedia scene. At the moment he’s putting a consistent effort over at the YouTubes with his Cities: Skylines and Minecraft tutorials. I had known for quite time time, but never done anything about, the layout and aesthetic quality of my pedestrian footpaths and spaces in Skylines. After watching…

Beyond Absence

It’s great having a large music collection. I’ve been growing mine for years. Occasionally, not often thankfully, the collection has to be moved and or cleaned up, usually on account of my purchasing a new computer or faster haddrive. It’s now at the size where it’s difficult to manage. I haven’t made the call yet,…

" They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
They pursued it with forks and hope;
They threatened its life with a railway-share;
They charmed it with smiles and soap. "Lewis Carroll

Trace Collection

There was a vacant desk behind where I set at work for a number of weeks that has now ended up occupied by a character very good with a needle and thread. She probably uses a sewing machine more, but “needle and thread” has a ring to it…anyway, fashion designer and content author Emma Chillman…

plain language, please

Here in Australia we’ve all got a say. For as long as I’ve been politically aware I’ve been hearing people say that what’s being said isn’t being heard – the finer details, at least. The first challenge in learning about democratic theory, for me, was the basic distinction between representative and direct democracy. Referenda made…

OLPC shifts away from small deployments.

In troubling news circulating this week it appears that the One Laptop per Child project has shifted its focus soley to large scale deployments. “A program for donors to employ between 100 or more laptops for small-scale deployments, called “Give a School,” has been removed from the participation page of the nonprofit’s Web site. The…