" Is there EFTPOS there?
Will I need Tokyo money? "Shelley

" Dumb flies. Why are flies so dumb? "Shelley

" It was colder than the devil's heart, raining ice pitchforks as if the heavens were ready to fall. "Max Payne

The Master System Collection

I’ve been casting around for a little while for a new collection to pursue. My last serious effort was the Peanuts badges (Americans call them pins) by Butterfly Originals. I have just shy of 70 now, which is basically the whole series.I continue to collect Laurent Durieux prints but I am running out of wall…

Jamie Guilt

I’m keen to see how Jamie Gilt responds to the attention she’s garnered by being shot in the back by her 4 year old child. She recently asserted that “My right to protect my child with a gun trumps your fear of my gun.” I suspect we’ll see an unapologetic continuation of her theme. As…

" Like the city, the suburbs will not wither away. Nor will car-dependence for cross-suburban movement and family activities. What can be changed is reliance on the car for ordinary commuting. The obvious answer is a light-rail system, or adaptation of transit-oriented development... "Vicki Dunne - ACT Liberals

the port melbourne heist

It’s right that there happens to be very little in the way of evidence regarding the strange case of the Port Melbourne Heist. What took place on the waterfront, in the shadows of ocean monsters, may never be told. But let it be known that it happened.

Avril 14th remake

A great upbeat remake of one of Aphex Twin’s best. Almost one of the saddest songs of all times – but that might just be the Salad Fingers connection.

The Sixty One

I keep coming back to this site: thesixtyone.com. I’ve decided that it’s a great site for music. How’s that? The web based music player is the best I’ve used. It’s a persistent banner at the top of the page that you can’t interrupt by surfing around the site ¬†that includes handy functions like download, save…

Birthday 24

So today I celebrate my 24th birthday. Who knows what will happen! Overall I’m pretty happy with where I am after all this time. Bring on year 24!