Things move fast when they want to! I went from being a contractor to permanent full-time at least 12 months ahead of perceived ‘schedule’. Most of the elements, the puzzle pieces if you will, fell into place outside my area of influence. But I’m sure it helped that I like my job and made a point of saying so. As usual I’m in a curious position. If I didn’t say before then I’ll say now that not being in an IT role is the best thing ever. Maybe I’ll aim never to have an IT job again yet still be a person who doesn’t need to call for help when trying to plug their TV in! Sweet. On a serious note my new HD TV tuner has the audio falling out of sync with the image and I cbf Googling about it. Does anyone know why?

Semantics matter. Not being in ‘An IT Position’ yet having to deal with complex software means you gain expertise in the subject matter and properly express that knowledge via language that both software and humans should be able to understand. Whether or not being able to elucidate the nuances of quarantine concern relating to meat based flavours, both in terms of flavour and composition, is important in the overall scheme of things is debatable. That said, bovine spongiform encephalopathy is always a risk. Seriously, it’s really not nice.

What comes after this is anyone’s guess, as usual. Until what comes next actually happens though, I’ll be doing my thing ostensibly protecting the national interest through what many, maybe most, would see as a ‘9 to 5’. As far as I’m concerned we’re dealing with notions of civic duty here but I happily draw the line before patriotism on this one. This is obviously a can of fogs legs just waiting to be let out, though, so I’ll say I’m happy with the current situation and leave it at that.