It went under my radar but following a link from a forum (as often happens) lead me to ‘New Weird Australia‘, a promoter of eclectic Australian electronic music. Part netlabel, podcast, community, online space thing, it’s got some great material. Of interest to me was The Sound of Young Canberra, a compilation of, well, sounds made by young Canberrans. It’s not going to be for everyone, is my disclaimer, as I generally link things a bit easier on the ears. But it shows some developing talent in a difficult genre, despite how random it sounds at times. Shoeb Ahmad, who I understand  as an active character in Canberra says

“Some people wonder if anything does actually happen here but if you ever make it to our town, you’ll see that there’s bands playing in backyards and parties, electronic music made in bedrooms and improvisors making a racket in gallery spaces.”

Indeed. The evidence is the scattered sounds found on


The Sound Of Young Canberra

Lemon In The Way – From The South stands out, Apache by Danger Beach is amusing, it might get a smile from Morricone (I say that just to be nice – I’m lead to believe he’s a very strange man and difficult to get along with), Shoeb’s Out Of Breath is a well realised track, the most mature sound on the disk without a doubt. Assasins 88 – Scanners absolutely tears it up!