It’s full steam ahead over at elroyonline. He’d resolved to produce a regular podcast dealing with TV and movie culture, purchased a lot of nice audio equipment, then went ahead and did it. Remote Viewing, which previously existed as an animated short, now comes to you weekly in audio form. Man, these people consume a lot of multimedia and then have a lot to say about that multimedia. If you’re interested in Boardwalk Empire, Battle LA, Red Riding Hood or say, the new Harry Potter, you’ll probably be interested in listening in. If you ever wondered about how movies and TV influence fashion, you’ll be interested again. The Remote Viewing crew are two months in at this stage and are going strong. Visit for details and the full episodes. You can subscribe through iTunes here.

There’s a character I’m aware of who’s into all things musical. He drummed for the Never In Doubt and many other bands I don’t know about probably and I’ve spent quite some time listening to his solo work. Now the new group he’s with are about to launch an album. I enjoyed the single which is now up on YouTube:

YouTube has also come through with the goods recently. Lisa gave me the heads up to a web-centric production of a new Mortal Kombat series. It’s actually pretty good! Especially if you go by what has come before. It deals with origin stories which is no surprise. There’s a mix of old and new ideas. The new ideas are fun. So I think there’s only one thing that’s appropriate to say here…’and now for a taste of things to come’: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1.