WordPress 2.6.5 released

Keeping your software up to date keeps you safe. Webmasters upgrade now! WordPress 2.6.5 is immediately available and fixes one security problem and three bugs

Sealab 2021 at Elroy Online

Fresh and in high spirits after iDEF, Elroy has pumped out a new review over at Elroy Online. He takes a look at the Sealab 2021 DVD and concludes that it’s “up there” with some of his favourite Adult Swim releases, but lacking in those all extras cartoons-on-DVD now so frequently give us. Check out…

Free Icon-To-Speech: Open-Source Speech for Disabled

While doing XO demonstrations at iDEF in Melbourne I had an interesting conversation with a man involved in disabled services. The discussion centred around accessibility and it brought to my mind things I hadn’t thought about before – specifically, where do disabled kids fit into the OLPC picture? Well, that’s partly answered by this fantastic…

Give 1 Get 1 Australia

It comes as a surprise but OLPC Australia has announced an Australian Give 1 Get 1 program, similar to those currently running overseas. Details are sparse but this is most exciting news, especially for those individuals I talked to during iDEF, who were very very keen to get involved. “Early 2009” is the penciled in…

Breaking news – new detail on Australian OLPC deployment.

Over at OLPC Friends you can finally get some details on Australia’s first OLPC XO pilot. Pia’s been heading up the project, with an emphasis on remote collaboration rather than school-wide saturation and deployment. Available so far is the technical documentation, with more to follow… Today Pia Waugh has posted on her blog a link…

no more need for no clean feed

The “No Clean Feed” movement here an attempt to raise awareness about the Australian Government’s plan to institute ISP and national level IP data filtering. I didn’t rush out and sign a petition, nor join the Facebook group because I figured the whole deal was going to be a non-starter. Not that I think you…

Somewhere in India

I only said “somewhere” because it sounds more mysterious. Orientalist threads still run strong, then. James is overseas and he’s taken his camera. You should check out the series on flickr; He’s also got a blog going, too.

more OLPC media

Obviously Australian viewers don’t get to see these vids on TV (I assume they’re designed for air). Another “in a nutshell” video for anybody wondering about the OLPC project. These are running due to the Give 1 Get 1 program that has started this month, and will generate important exposure!

lightning storm in brisbane

I don’t know if it’s made any international headlines, but the coast of Queensland has taken a beating over the past week. Massive storms, as evidenced by this video, taken on the 20th..I don’t think i’ve seen anything quite like it!

chinese democracy and old friends

Still catchign up with the blogsphere, I needed to mention that I caught up with Morgs for the very first time at eGames, which was great. I wasn’t sure if he was coming or not, but when some guy showed up bearing a startling resemblance to the Morgs from TFM Comix, I knew we had…

Riverina Music Festival

GPC‘s first non-CMS related job in a little while… I’ve teamed up with Dinah, who’s gone ahead and done basically all the hard work. Riverina Music festival will be held in early February at Nerrandera. You can get all the details (very shortly) from www.riverinamusicfestival.com.

Bike Hero

Wow, Guitar Hero actually made some people go outside and be creative!(?) Bike Hero – Watch more free videos

Powers Cosmic Episode 3

Oh man I have seen this episode so many times. The debate? Thought provoking. Enough material to run on a loop during the three days of the eGames expo? Nowhere close. Elroy’s Powers Cosmic returns for the third time, the dynamic duo discussing the finer points of immortality… Powers Cosmic Episode 3

why give a laptop to a child?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Answering it usually involves me running off on my “The name ‘One LAPTOP per Child’ is a bit of a marketing blunder since this is an education project” rant. Thankfully there’s a little video that’s come out along with the launch of the latest Give 1…