no more need for no clean feed

The “No Clean Feed” movement here an attempt to raise awareness about the Australian Government’s plan to institute ISP and national level IP data filtering. I didn’t rush out and sign a petition, nor join the Facebook group because I figured the whole deal was going to be a non-starter. Not that I think you shouldn’t express yourself if you feel or know your opinion is going to prevail anyway (voter apathy, anyone?), it just so happened that the situation got better before it had the chance to get worse.

There are reports today that The Greens won’t give support to Conroy’s plan, effectively killing it. The Green vote in Canberra is strong and growing. And since I didn’t meet anyone who supported the plan, I can only surmise that our community has been appropriately represented by our elected officials. That’s a Good News item right there. This amusing article about Senators complaining about being subject to the same restrictions the public will be is the definition of irony. Talk about good timing though, it’s made some lawmakers give second thought to the idea.

Suspiciously good timing, actually! I might have to look in Hansard…