I’m not one to pay much attention to those trashy womens’ magazines but something about the current Womens’ Weekly struck me as a bit radical.
The television ads claim “Oprah ordered to lose weight or die”! What the-?
I’m sure many television presenters over the years have been told to change something about their show or they’ll be axed but I think Oprah’s network might be taking it a bit literally.
Or perhaps there’s some new Skinny Mafia taking over Chicago putting out hits on anyone they deem to be too fat.

In addition to this startling Oprah news the ad boasts that some random woman lost an apparently remarkable amount of weight simply by changing the way she breathed.


Unless she was breathing Big-Macs I’m at a loss as to how this one works.
Of course the natural connection to be made between these two stories is if the publication knows of this miraculous breathing diet why aren’t they telling Oprah?