I’m sort of laughing right now because it’s absurd. I’ve woken up and everything has gone back to how it was. I have my Love Pad back, the christmas tree is gone, the decorations are down, my family is doing all the things it did before. It’s kind of like things are reset, like i’ve just gone in a big loop and ended up back at square 1, the only difference being that there’s a 3 in there somewhere. It’s like some Monty Python skit come true. And i hate Monty Python.

On the plus side, i’m glad to be spending time with some different people. The last two parties i’ve been to in the past week i didn’t know many of the people at all (groups comprised mostly from other colleges). Also spending time with the OzForces crew is a whole different scene.

The party last night was interesting, some took it way too far, so we had to save BillyBob from hypothermia (passed out on the grass in the rain) and save Tokamak from drowning in the bath (literally, he’d filled it up and got in and fallen asleep. Bloody dangerous). Too bad for me he was naked, but the bath had to be emptied, and he had to be covered!

I made a long distance call to Elroy on his mobile (after accidentally calling half of the network trying to get his number right) to try and wish him a happy new year. I think i accomplished this, but i don’t know what else i wished him. I’m sure he’ll remind me sometime today (he was having a “quiet night at home”). The rest of the night was spent stabbing stuffed dolls with huge knives, flipping backwards over the balcony railing and running around with two 6ft lesbians.

The walk home made me think, even in my state (which wasn’t actually that bad. You can be drunk and you can let yourself be drunk). It was drizzling, which was odd because we’re supposed to be in drought. Anyway, 4am through the streets of Cook, everything had a misty quality to it due to the rain. It was pleasant, though. It was nice and cool and soothing. I walked past this guy on the path and said good morning and he said good morning and wished me a happy new year. I laughed and said you too. I’m glad that happened. Past this house that reminds me of a swiss chalet. It’s mostly wood and lights were on and some lady was sitting by the window staring at nothing.

Got home at 4:30am and realised i hadn’t done anything constructive over the past 9 hours. Then thought some more and realised there were some things that happened in 2002 i would have liked to change. I felt a bit sad about that.

I did end up with a playing card in my shirt pocket, though. It was The Joker.