Consider this the first stupid post of the new year. Ah yes, NYE’02. Where does the time go and all that.

Another NYE in Newcastle. As is the tradition we did nothing. Well not nothing. We did venture down to the lake to watch the fireworks at 9. Sat at the side of the lake and watched everyone go by in the darkness. Seems to me that everyone fell into one of the following categories:

Loud annoying family person
Old person carrying a torch
Teenage sk8r guy with an esky or backpack full of bourbon and colas
13yo girl with two friends yelling ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone they passed, despite the fact there was 3hrs to go, and so loudly and frequently that it was hard not to just yoink one of the Woodies and hurl it at their heads thus rendering them unconcious until it was actually the new year.
And my new year’s resolution? To stop posting tripe like this.

Happy new year, you idiots.