I’d heard a lot. From various over-sears, online reviews and even Tycho, who spent a day and a half in the dryer after seeing it. The Ring, it seemed, was going to be very scary. Armed with that knowledge, Al, King Mat, Mert and I went to see the advanced screening tonight. Well it’s not that scary. It’s a good movie and it has its tense moments but its nothing special “BOO!” wise. Good movie though. I’m impressed with the imagrey, it was well thought out. Decent story too. It’s going in my Top3 of 2003 (T32k3 for those who want an easier name to remember) along with Red Dragon and Spider-Man. Go and see it when you can, definately something you’ll want to see at the cinemas.

Mat might have a different story, though. Infact, he’s probably gone to hide in his own dryer right now. I guess we’ll see him Monday lunch-time.