Toilet People

" Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am "Sarah Palin

No clicks for you!

I don’t click on ads. Even when on the rare occasion they interest me I never click them. If I am interested I’ll open a new session and type the vendor’s address myself and navigate there “manually”. It’s a force of habit I’m happy to have, especially in 2016. So when a website serves me…

From the Boidem

You don’t find many plain-text websites these days. Boidem happens to be one, though. Written in Israel, there are some thoughtful posts about the internet, tech and life. Go have a look.

Projects help strengthen community

Andrew Leigh, member for Fraser, was kind enough to give mention to CASE in his column in The Chronicle this week. He’d written asking for comments on people’s experience in the community service sector here in the ACT. I was happy to oblige. While its a fraction of our discussion the basic point was that…

No Guilt

As predicted the Jamie Gilt story progresses as expected – her mother defiantly stating that they won’t be giving up their guns. Ms Bramble said her grandson was unaffected by the shooting. “He is sitting opposite me eating pancakes and has no idea what he did. It was an accident, that is all it was.” It’s…


Captains Sebastian and Dragol participate in some Naval Action demolition derby.


Naval Action Patch 9.65

A big patch for Naval Action dropped this week. There are some significant changes. As expected when I made the first tutorial video, there was a good chance it would go out of date rather quickly. I’ve only managed to play an hour or so worth of the new patch, so my brief observations are:…

Linkums for March

“Businessman” uses a .com to smear reporter. Hopefully Anonymous noticed and gets annoyed. My appearance was ravaged by “years of consuming hormone-packed fried chicken and stressing over money.” Now, I’d found a way to save my sinking career by writing negative articles about China and taking kickbacks from short sellers. Good goulash. But I’d add…

Block this

I’d only recently installed AdBlocker again – actually for years I haven’t been using any ad blocking software – and then this morning I read an article and some quotes from John Whittingdale which made me genuinely lol. He displays a genuine lack of comprehension of the issues at hand, yet proselytises so he can…


Jamie Guilt

I’m keen to see how Jamie Gilt responds to the attention she’s garnered by being shot in the back by her 4 year old child. She recently asserted that “My right to protect my child with a gun trumps your fear of my gun.” I suspect we’ll see an unapologetic continuation of her theme. As…

Bad Lip Reading: Ted Cruz

" Like the city, the suburbs will not wither away. Nor will car-dependence for cross-suburban movement and family activities. What can be changed is reliance on the car for ordinary commuting. The obvious answer is a light-rail system, or adaptation of transit-oriented development... "Vicki Dunne - ACT Liberals