We spent the last few streams exploring the recipes in the official Minecraft Cookbook by Tara Theoharis.

Overall, I’d say it’s pretty good. The recipe aren’t oriented explicitly towards children, and there are actually some relatively complicated (or at least, labour intensive) recipes contained within. There’s no escaping blocks in this context and a lot of the dishes lean heavily into the form factor.

Warped forest flatbread pizza

We made the suspicious stew, red stone dust rub, plains kebabs, warped forest flatbread pizza, piglins and lava, golden apple pie and magma cream balls. Something went wrong with the cream balls, I’m sure it was a fault on my end, which resulted in them ending up more like puddles than truffles. But apart from that mishap, these were tasty items that had a Minecraft vibe to them, even if they were essentially re-themed traditional recipes (vegetable stew, BBQ dry rub, meat and vegetable skewers, apple pie, white chocolate truffles etc).

The recipes are written clearly and are easy to follow (if you’re actually paying attention), the illustrations and photography are good, and the ingredients called for don’t stray too far into the weird and wonderful. It’s a functional cookbook, true to the theme, and would suit anyone relatively new to the kitchen, or anyone who likes Minecraft. Obviously.