It’s been a weird season in the garden. My tomatoes performed poorly. So poor in fact that I basically gave up on them half-way through. Other gardening-inclined friends of mine reported similar although it wasn’t a wash right across the board. Somehow Solon – Farmer Solon – ended up with a harvest that can only be described as impressive. I took as much surplus as I could. On the flip side my raspberries and strawberries produced in such a volume that we were set for months. The same story goes for the green beans. Odd times, but pleasant weather which I’ve taken advantage of. I’ve recently purchased a Lodge Dutch oven and have been using it to cook in the back yard, as it sits quite neatly in the firepit Mum got me for Christmas. Some of these cooking adventures have been live streamed, which I really quite enjoyed. It’d been a long time since I’d actually run the stream from anywhere apart from the kitchen. Variety is the spice of life after all. I still need a tripod and a trivet of some sort. All in good time.