So I picked up a Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel during a sale they were holding over April. I’d heard the name but hadn’t actually made the connection between the company and the Wingnut family of companies fathered by Peter Jackson. As a child I’d messed around with a few model kits and never took any of them to completion. And since returning to the miniature world my focus has been primarily on terrain but I’ve been doing a fair bit of painting as well. Because Peanuts and Biggles were sources of entertainment in my younger years I’ve always had in the back of my mind that I’d like to have a Sopwith Camel collection of some sort. Whatever that actually means. So when someone posted a link in the ACTSMS facebook page to WNW’s sale page and I saw that they had a BR.1 for a (relatively) reasonable price I put in an order.

High quality components

I knew I’d either love it or regret it, given that it has over 160 pieces. I think I love it. Historically accurate, very high quality, good instructions, it’s provided me with insight into WWI air combat that I didn’t have before. Or at least, my perspective has been sharpened; it wouldn’t have been much fun at all. For example the pilot’s seat is just a wicker chair. Immediately behind it is a 60L fuel tank. Great.

Copilot Whitey on deck

I’m only part way through the build at the moment, but it’s been a rewarding experience so far. Depending on how it comes out I may make my first entry into the annual ACTSMS competition. Only time will tell!