Well I guess it had to happen again at some point! In the face of torrential downpour there seems to be a structural weak-point in our house that lets a fair bit of water in. Luckily for the rest of the house the water comes solely into my my room! This happened many, many years ago and I do recall some house related expert coming to investigate after the event. I think the conclusion was that, this being Australia, it’d never rain like that again.

Well, it’s been raining like that again.

Actually, harder. The trouble started on Monday morning where I woke to soggy socks. I assumed while sitting at my desk they’d slowly dry (sure, It would have made more sense to take them off) but they kept getting wetter and wetter. Right then I knew what had happened and I really did try to just pretend it didn’t happen for ten minutes. After that a brief survey revealed a good amount of water in my room, about a quarter of the carpet wet and my computers in  a puddle! The problem is the leak comes from what is what is essentially an inside wall of my room which I previously saw as the safer, dryer space. Given the amount of electronics in my room I’m lucky nothing short circuited.

Where my PCs used to be

StainBusters attended the next day with Big Drying Fans. Twenty four hours later and it looked like things were drying up nicely. I went to bed  just as the rain started to pick up again and for the fist time in my life raindrops on the tin carport roof weren’t a comforting sound. And I was right to be nervous. Because the water had already made a path this second lot managed to make it about halfway into the room. Nothing to be done about it except call StainBusters which isn’t so bad when the lovely Alanna is taking the calls  – she has wonderful phone manner and sense of humor, it could be a disappointment that all we get to talk about was wet carpet.

Last night was Nature’s big push. The radar had a big red dot over North Canberra and for about two hours there was an unreasonable amount of water in the air. Then the water started coming and didn’t stop. Couldn’t be stopped in fact. Dad, Mum and I spent the rest of the evening with buckets, towels and I used a dustpan as a scoop. There was no hope, really. A few hours later and almost the entire room was gone. Moved as much out as I could and everything up off the floor.

It’ll be a good few days until things start to come dry again. So in the meantime I’ve set up a temporary HQ in the dining room upstairs. Not the most comfortable arrangement in the world but I’ll certainly live.

Of course I’m not the only one dealing the the deluge, a lot of the ACT has taken a whack. Dams are at 100%, though! Dazza went out to check out Coppins Crossing but couldn’t get too far. The video below is evidence why.

Stay dry!