Dazza’s been places recently. Specifically most of the states and territories of Australia with about 80 other motorcycle riders, riding for awareness of male depression. If you know me you’ll know that I have a ‘no motorbikes’ policy (exceptional circumstances excepted obviously. Probably an example would be an awesome getaway involving explosions, crashing through a massive glass window while some hot girl with a shotgun riding shotgun rains fire on our pursuers as we go.). Anyway before getting entangled in his current arragements Dazza used to be a photographer and has dabbled in videography – and it’s the reason why I could almost change my “no motorbikes” policy. He’s got some great candid snaps during his trip and has spent quite a bit of time detailing the events on his blog. If you’re keen on bikes, images of Australian outback or depression head over to his blog and check out his latest adventure!

I’ve been acting tech manager for CASE in his absence and while it’s been fairly quiet on the western front, I’ll be glad for his return which, we can only judge by the map, is a few days away.