Two days out from the election and I think I’ve worked out what I’m going to do. In order of preference:

House of Reps:
Quintin Hedges-Phillips – Secular Party: Decided to throw all I had at pushing back religion.
Andrew Leigh – Labor: Bob McMullan’s replacement, haven’t seen to much of the kid on the news, but have seen him in plenty of fluro vets and hardhats. Must be creating jobs!
Indra Esguerra – Greens: Greens always go above Liberal.
James Milligan – Liberal: Bottom of the barrel.

Kate Lundy – Labor: Kate’s a good friend of CASE. She knows what’s going on and wouldn’t it be nice if she somehow ended up Communications Minister one day?
David Matthews – Labor: For added Labor support.
Hannah Parris – Greens: The Greens have some insane policies. Here in Fraser Green influence is on the rise. They’re effectively tempering any social swing to the right in this city, keeping Labor in check and pushing the Libs further away from power, which is what I like about them.
Lin Hatfield-Dodds – Greens: A nice woman who’s done a lot of work in the community. Her husband is a nice guy, too. But the Church Energy really, really turns me off here.
Darren Churchill – Democrats: These goons are referencing the Liberals for some reason. Since their almost total implosion a few years ago, I’ve heard almost nothing from them and don’t really expect to.
Anthony David – Democrats: Same goes for this guy. I might have even put them above The Greens had they not preferenced the Right.
John Glynn – Independent: Not much info on this guy. He could be a gun advocate for all I know, and since info was hard to come by, I have to put him towards the bottom. But not all the way…
Matthew Watts – Liberal: I’ll be honest, I didn’t look at this guy.
Gary Humphries – Liberal: At the end of the day ACT would be better off with Labor and Greens Senators.