A lot of interesting content floating around at the moment; Elroy just won’t quit with the reviews, Baccano, Chicago 10 and Sealab 2024 Season 4 all get a look-in. Speaking of all things Elroy, we’ve got “With The Band” which was a live portal to the AVCon event held earlier this month in Adelaide. Morgs looks at Transformers 2 and then turns everything on it’s head by talking about The Way We Get By which I want to see but not sure I’ll be able to handle it in my current state.

I finished CASE podcast episode 5 with very special guest Andrew Tridgell (only just – my iBook’s harddrive half-died during the process…fortunately I was able to recover the podcast files.

The River Cottage blog (essentially the garden of buzzmoo.com) has been given a couple of updates too.

If you’re interested in politics, there’s the #gov2au Twitter feed that’s getting a good workout this week due to the Federal Government’s “Government 2.0 roadshow”, essentially an open forum that’s touring the capital cities allowing citizens to contribute to “Towards Government 2.0: An Issues Paper“.

That should be enough links for now!