In Australia we talk about Fox news in the same breath as we the Comedy Channel. We can laugh and cry just as hard at both. One of my favourite features is how cable news seems to take Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show as an actual news program. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t always like that, but now anchors take on Stewart as though he was an anchor too. That might be because “A 2004 Pew study, for example, found that these Americans cited comedy shows like Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show almost as frequently as newspapers and network news as a primary source of information about campaigns. ” according to The Weekly Standard’s Gary Andres. I’m quoting from his recent article “Are You Laughing Now?” which is a great read – in fact it might be one of the best things I’ve read on TWS ever, since it details the very real damage The Daily Show has done to conservative politics. If that’s up your alley, read the whole article here!