Briggs (he doesn’t have a last name) is off deep into the Cambodian jungle to study other cultures and primates. His blogging his experiences although I don’t know what the chances are of meeting an orangutan with a spare Wimaxx dongle are, the updates are coming regularly. This is going to get pretty anthropological, people!

“night safari is awesome as well. its a completely different zoo right next to the normal one. only open between 6 and 11 pm, but full of nocturnal animals and really well laid out. plus they have this crazy ‘fish spa’. you pretty much sit with your feet in an aquarium full of cleaner fish and they nibble away at your dead skin. the little ones just feel like bubbles. the bigger ones, yeah. they feel like a fish biting you. but in a good way. the water was also cool and moist (sorry. inside joke) a lot of people flipped out about it all, but after a day trekking around in mid 30s with insane humidity and monsoonal showers it felt pretty good.

Monkey magic – Brigg’s blogspot.