The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting an interesting development in the “Clean Feed” controversy – making it less and less likely it will ever come to be:

The ultra-conservative politician known for his attempts to censor television has strongly opposed the Government’s plans to introduce mandatory internet censorship, highlighting the policy’s lack of support across the political spectrum.The proposed filters would not have blocked any of the 15,000 child porn videos and half a million child abuse images uncovered by police in a major sting this week as they cannot filter traffic on peer-to-peer networks – only websites.In a post on his blog, South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi expressed concern that the filters would inadvertently block legitimate content and be expanded to cover other controversial material opposed by the Government of the day, such as regular pornography.

New hurdle for net censorship – Technology –

Cory Bernadi’s original blog post can be found at his blog, click here to read it now.