ABC is reporting that Saddam Hussein’s personal yacht is now going to be sold by the Iraqi Government. This comes after legal complications over ownership, earlier this year. Not really the thing you’d take a pleasure cruise in, I would say…

The Iraqi Government will sell former dictator Saddam Hussein’s luxury yacht, which was handed back to the state in July after a drawn-out legal wrangle, a Government spokesman said.The 82-metre Ocean Breeze, equipped with several swimming pools, a mosque, a missile-launcher and mini-submarine, has been moored among millionaires’ yachts in a harbour near the French Riviera city of Nice since November.

“The cabinet has decided to sell the yacht of Saddam Hussein, docked in Nice, and the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs were responsible for the transaction,” spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement.

Saddam’s luxury yacht up for sale – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)