OLPC News has announced that on the 6th of November they’re holding a live webcast in collaboration with the World Bank. The topic is “total cost of ownership”, something that the Federal Government in Australia is now just learning about..
The Bank’s website explains it best:

“”Total cost of ownership”
(TCO) is often underestimated, sometimes grossly, when calculating costs of ICT in education initiatives in developing countries. Estimates of initial costs to purchase equipment to overall costs over time vary widely; typically they lie between 10-25% of total cost. That said, there is a dearth of reliable data, and useful tools, to help guide education decisionmakers in their assessments of the true costs of educational technology initiatives.” (source)

So you can head over to OLPC News on the 6th to watch, or check back later as the event is being recorded.

How much does it really cost to introduce and sustain computers in schools?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): A Study of Models of Affordable Computing for Schools in Developing Countries.

11am – 12:30pm (Washington DC time)

6 November 2008