Following the recent donation of 5000 XO laptops, Rwanda is on the move.
From a Ugandan newspaper comes a report of a large scale adoption of the program within the country. The reporter also has further insight on education in developing nations:

The reason the political leadership has never bothered with providing quality education in public schools is because most moneyed politicians ship their children abroad for quality education leaving children of peasant workers to fend for themselves at home.” suggests Jerry Okungu.

Pointed. At The Australian National University we have a huge international student population, but they’re not all rich. I have a Sudanese friend who spent most of his childhood in Uganda, and his family managed to send him across to Australia. His African perspective was incredibly valuable when it came to studying International Relations and I’m grateful he was there.

So, some get lucky. But we’re also lucky to receive them over here. The OLPC Project (which Rwanda appears to be committing hundreds of millions of dollars to) will let the unlucky ones at least get some access to the level of education I was fortunate to have.

Read the article at New Vision and see what Rwanda has planned.