The Smashing Pumpkins are in Australian territory this first quarter, playing at a festival that I don’t want to go to. Fortunately for us they’re playing a sidehow and the Melbourne gig looks most attractive. Tickets go on sale tomorrow and pending any technical complications (there’s a 50/50 chance) I should be able to seal the deal.

The Pumpkins occupy an interesting spot in my musical space. They’re never a band I was “in to” on account of being a little bit too young for the heavier side to resonate with me the first time around. But their hits and the lyrics I read always impressed me. In the later years I’ve had much more time for them. Aside from the music per se, they’re a important feature in the pop-landscape of the ”90s. Since I”m blogging again, who knows what kind of illicit media I’ll manage to post here after the show..’