“Do it the Corey Way or not at all…” (BuzzMoo)

You heard me. It’s my new motto and quite possibly the meaning of life.

“Do it the Corey Way or not at all.”

Corey has saved me from yet another 7 working days of netlessness by pulling the strings he pulls so well, getting me reprovisioned in a matter of hours. DSL is back and running sweet. *round of applause*

In anticipation of a weekend with no ne t which, while it may not be so surprising, aint that bad at all, i went and bought a copy of Pirates of The Caribbean.

I was divided on the issue. On the one hand the movie was great. Released here yesterday of which i saw a night session – i loved it and i wanted to be involved. On the other hand, PC Powerplay some other sites had rated it fairly harshly. With this in mind i called EB only to find that all the stores were out of stock. Surprised, i decided to spin by the Belconnen store after work. As i walked in they pulled a lost copy out of a box. Just as he was about to put it on the shelf, i stopped him. “I’ll take it” i said in a serious manner. This particular staff member knows me not because i buy a lot but because i always scout out their stock and new releases. Im pretty sure he knows i work for an influential ISP/Games group too, so we were at ease. As i walked from the store with my treasure i called back to him; “I’m off to sail the seven seas! Harr!!”

The game isn’t too bad. It has very awkward controls and foolish inventory layouts. Also there are no advanced display controls – you’ve got very little access to the insides of the game. I figure thats because this is actually a Disney title. Apart from some weak dialoge the game is immersive, graphics are sweet and the sea combat is cool. No regrets here, ye landlubbers. Harr!