After some negotiations and the sinking feeling that i was never going to get to the Matchbox20 concert, i never got to go to the Matchbox20 concert.

Being a working man, it’s hard to find a way to a mid-week show in a different state when you don’t have something as classy as the Defiant to take you there. I don’t even have a car.

Anyhow, to make up for the lack of anything, and to tie in with an upcoming videoproduction (aka UberProduction) for OzForces, the DJ hit the hizhous and the samples to say werd up to the Bazender.

The ensuing mahem left us with samples and berko drums mashed with a potato-masher. We end up with something quite pleasing and it’s what TIME Magazine describes as “Different“.

I give you… Samplemonkey Goes Banannas. 4:17min @ 192kbps, 5.88meg.