‘ve been trying to get boradband for almost 5 years. For the offshore visitors, Telstra is Australia’s big telco and will stop at nothing to see me destroyed. They control the show and have screwed me over a number of times.

But that’s all changed, as i’m now posting this update courtesy of my OzForces Elite Gamer ADSL plan. Weighing in at 512/128, things are hooning along. On a related note i’ve decided to buy a new 120gig HDD as i’m already running out of room. Now if only Mert could get himself off his wonderful TPG dialup, we’d all be sitting pretty.

Meanwhile due to time restraints (ie no time at all) i haven’t put up much of the old content. The flash archive was a big hit with most people, but it’s a manual process of moving 50 odd links and images to this new format…i just can’t do it. Same goes with Mert’s kitchen, which may now be Mert and Jill’s kitchen. Jill is the new resident at Ranchò ÉlMertò. To evict her just send your SMS 0401-JILLOUT vote to me. If you’d like to evict Mert, go bash down his door.

Taskara is on the way with some more linux stuff, and i really want to get more of a focus on audio here but again, time.

Speaking of time, it’s time you checked out Random’s (empty, for the moment) site. www.randomband.netinfact. A site done again by Elroy, for a local band here in Canberra. They’d better make me famous.