“Who knows what crazy schemes the powers that be will come up with to screw me over this time.” That quote is from the 7th Jan. You can see it in the archives. As Buzzmoo pointed out the crazy scheme the powers that bee came up with is to give me tutorials on the day of, and the day after my long awaited Moby concert. Part of my grades are determined by my attendence and participation in these.

So basically what we got here is a tute ending at 4:30 on Thursday, my Moby concert starting at 8:00 in Sydney which is at least a 3.5 hour drive away. So even if I were able to get on a coach the second my tute finished I’d still be late to the concert.

I was planning to line up earlier in the day so I’d be at the front of the crowd but that looks unlikely now. And the opener is Groove Terminator too which I don’t want to miss but may have to.

I’ll say one thing for my luck, it’s consistent.