There was actually a post between this and the last, only Mert deleted it (as he often does) with an update of his own.

I’m charged tonight. I’ve been away for the past 3 days at lake Conjola (north of Ulludalla, if that helps any). It rained as it has for the 5th year in a row now. But 2 great days of perfect weather made up for it, with aqua coloured crystal water you thought only existed on Getaway. We build sandslide tracks that were around a 20m drop down a sheer sand-dune. With a running start and a plastic bottom board, you could get some serious speed. You needed it for the 1m high jump at the bottom, designed to throw you into the river if you were going fast enough. If not (which was usually the case) it was hello wet sand at high speed, head first. Pretty dangerous really. Some kid almost broke his neck and my brother fractured his arm. But it’d be the most thrilling thing i’ve done for a while, and the casualties didn’t stop anyone.

Now i’m back i’m set for some more work. A notion that will probably die soon enough. As OzForces progresses the workload increases, it’s faily intense but exiting at the same time. I mean, i can’t really leave the PC for an extended amount of time and i don’t really have time for anything else, but when you’re helping build an empire you have to make sacrifices.

Meanwhile i got myself a sweet sweet Logitech MX500 mouse. The best mouse i’ve ever used, and for $100 clams, you can’t go wrong! It’s got a great response, internet navigation buttons and it fits really well into your hand. It’s tops.

Also in the pipe is a new Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard. I would have preferred to go Logitech, but they don’t do the erganomic gig with all the buttons i wanted. And i can’t deny that Microsoft keyboards are damn good. In one of those “it was meant to be” moments at Grace Bros when purchasing my mouse, i heard a clerk behind me say “How are we organising the soundtracks section?” (as they were re-doing the floor stock). I turned around to see what was going on and there was the Hannibal soundtrack staring me in the face! Jumping out of line almost as fast as i did for the Alice soundtrack, i grabbed the precious CD and ran for my life (back to the checkout). This CD has been impossible to find in any stores here. My only option was to order online, and we all know what happens when i try to do that.

On the topic, it’s not surprising to note that my Casper soundtrack still remains invisible, a week late now and counting.

I used to do little updated webcam pics back when i had my webcam plugged in, but since i moved my PC i haven’t been bothered to do anything of the sort. So tonight while the OzForce red phone remained mercifully silent, i took a few shots of new features in The Love Pad.

A chinese scroll with “BuzzMoo” written on it. A more detailed shot will arrive once I steal Mert’s camera again.

“A Ghost Play” collage. From David Mack’s work.

Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Top work by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. Well worth the damned expense.

“Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” and “Through The Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There)”. Boxed set with illustrations by Mervyn Peake. It’s now set next to my American McGee’s ‘Alice’ box. Both of these titles have caused me a great deal of trouble and probably will continue to do so.

There’s also even more computer junk on my floor than usual (a fried client’s PC and the old OzForces Hotel server, for anyone who cares) plus some other random cables and bits, which are even more boring than the stuff pictured above.

I guess you could say things are looking good. But that’s probably because i’m in a fairly decent mood (Even with a 12 hour shift on the OzForces phones looming tomorrow morning). The real problem as i mentioned before was that i really don’t have time for anything else. I don’t have the energy to make pictures or create music and even less time to see friends which is dissapointing. Well it’s more than that really, but who has energy enough to complain?