I’ve been preparing to format today, and have realised i’m in for some serious data juggling. I don’t quite have enough space to move all the stuff i want to save to a safe place, and i can’t be stuffed sending 10 or so gig accross the network, although i guess i have no choice.

Had a great night last night with a friend from school, haven’t had that much fun with one person for a while now. Catch Me If You Can is a pretty good movie. I bought The Replacement Killers, Gone In 60 Seconds and Kundun soundtracks yesterday too. Replacement Killers would have to be my favourite, i guess i’ve always had something for Gregson-Williams’ music. Gone In 60 Seconds is impressive too. Rabin is a champ as well, so it’s not suprising to find that my favourite soundtrack of all is Enemy Of The State – a Harry Gregson Williams / Trevor Rabin collaberation. I’m half heartedly saving for a gigasampler, but i don’t know if it’s worth it. I might just buy some low end samples instead and go from there.

Meanwhile, i forgot about Gibbo’s party, and Nerdfest at CANCON. What irritates me is that as soon as CANCON starts and i’m not there, i get this massive urge to play DoD of BF1942. *sigh*. My crapness at Warcraft 3 continues, but i plan to play OzRoy sometime this week at the Barracks and see how i do.