Fires still burn in and around Canberra, although at this point in time they seem to be under control. Forecast winds have not arrived, meaning that firefighters can get one up on the fires. Still, more homes are lost and up to 4 people dead now, it’s no good. There is the possibility of the fires headed this way again, if the stupid winds blow this way again, it could get really bad.

We thought we’d do the responsible thing and scout out the suburbs during the night, so¬†El Capitan, Mert and myself took to the streets at about 2am, looking for fires. We didn’t see any, but we did get harrased by a ghost car, and ended up stopping at the 24/7 Caltex in Kaleen. This place is my new watering hole on acount of it having a Blitz machine. So, i got a Mega bucket of Blitz (Pink, Yellow AND cola) and a meat pie. The green wasn’t frozen in the machine but i put some in anyway, making for about 2 litres of the stuff you see below:

I felt pretty sick after.