Owwww. I haven’t slept very well for the past 3 nights. It’s been interesting checking the stars every hour or so, see which way they fly. Every time i start to drift off to sleep, i get this dream that feels “hard”. It’s boring and frustrating and it just sits there looping. Roy from OzForces half stuck in a wall, Quietman saying something, then both of them trying to conjure an army of regular household items that march accross a linoleum desert. After that i wake up and the pain is back. Take more painkillers, start to drift off after an hour or so only to be woken 15 mins later by my alarm saying it’s time for more penacillin. Can’t really eat, although i don’t feel to hungry. I’ve been living on water and just now a big milkshake.

Revisiting the doctor today, i was perscribed some insane looking painkiller that will “probably knock you flat” according to Doc, and then the lady at the pharmacy: “Someone must be in a lot of pain!” as she hands me the bag. I really want to take a photo of my tonsils, it’s goddamn impressive but disgusting at the same time, so i don’t think i will. I got a blood test too. The nurse got me with the needle, i watched as the healthy beat of my heart pumped viles full of blood, but on the 3rd vile the pulse sort of dropped to a dribble and then no more blood came out at all.

Uuh…that’s not good (am i dead?).


*nurse tries to find vein for another 3 mins and finally fills final vile*

Now i must rest some more.