No “interesting” anecdotes for today. Just updating to a) tell you all a few things and b) cause I haven’t updated for a week.

i) If you’ve been to The Furman Machine or Elroy Online you’ve probably heard the leaked reports that (that’s right, I linked to this page) is planning a change to the site. Nothing too drastic, just a new layout and menu.

ii) There’s this dead possum sitting on the medium strip that I have to walk past to get to school. I don’t know how it got there (not many tress in the vicinity) or how it was perfectly intact despite being killed by a car (the only conclusion I could draw). Anyway I don’t know who’s responsible for removing dead animals from my travel routes but whoever it is is doing a slack job and the corpse is starting to smell.

iii) I forget what this one was meant to be but rest assured it probably wasn’t important or interesting.

Stay tuned, folks.