Most of Australia is doing really hard end-of-year tests. By most, i mean every state but ACT. You’ve got the HSC, you’ve got the VCE all the way to the TEE. And whatever South Australia any other states or territories that i forgot.

Anyway, we don’t get h00ge tests, unless you’re in the CISCO class, which i am. I’m no good at it and the test tomorrow spells my doom. I never get nervous over an assessment peice except if its CISCO. No one seems willing to help teach me what i’m having trouble with. It’s a pity really, i would have had a really nice end of school had it not been for networking. My essay on the American Civil War went off (i think) as will my creative peices.

Also today I was headed to the Caf to get me some vanilla coke when the world went fuzzy and lopsided. This seems to be happening every now and again recently. I thought that maybe my eyesight was going (as it does). Last time i was checked it was 20/20 and i haven’t noticed any difference except when everything goes blurry…maybe i’m just tired or something.