As we all know, I’m the brains of the operation, Buzzmoo is merely the eye-candy. Anyway the time has come for us to rise up against this crazy tyrant and prevent him destroying my masterful creation just for a mirror. A MIRROR! Aie!

In other news I checked up on the tomato in my fridge today. For those of you who don’t know (which is all of you) the tomato I refer to is an ancient oddity sealed in a block of ice attached to the back wall of my fridge. Somehow many weeks or months ago this tomato just developed an icy force-field and grew to about the size of an orange. Unfortunately the tomato seems to have ceased it’s spherical expansion but is now venturing down to the shelf below it. The obvious explanation is that the Icemato has somehow evolved into a living being and now expands throughout the fridge in search of other foodstuffs to envelope and consume.

This is no doubt the beginning of my own B-grade horror film in which I will run around screaming for a few days to avoid an icy and gruesome death. Either that or I’ll develop a special bond with it and shape it into my own bodyguard/assassin that I can use to accelerate my plans for world domination. Both promise to change my life forever.