You get rock bands that are just there to make noise and have fun and then you have bands like Tool who take what they are doing seriously (Hi…we’re NSYNC). We arrived at the Royal Theatre early enough to be one of the first few into the place – and saw both support acts, a DJ and then “The Melvins” peform. I liked what the DJ did with her music – it was different and she wasn’t afraid to use less than mainstream samples and sounds which made the music refreshing. Then The Melvins came on and made noise. Thats about as much as i can say for them, exept that maybe the guitarist’s hair was cool. I’m not sure why they are supporting an act like Tool, maybe just because their drummer and Danny Carey end up doing an amazing drum piece together.

The stage show was very well done, with two projectors displaying twisted clips to accompany the music, a decent lighting arrangment, great sound and swinging upside down naked people suspended above the stage. It was loud, very loud. Writing this a day after my ears still feel weird and humming. Songs played are as follows (as far as james can remember, anyway)

The Grudge
(-) Ions
Parabola video

Top stuff all round, i left with a sore body and very tired ears but a good feeling, if they come near you, make SURE you see them!!!