Somehow Mert has gone a month into the future to do stuff, i don’t know about that…

So i get home at 5am or so, drift off to sleep at about 6am, only to be messaged by El Capitan, who’s just got a mobile over in the UK (and he told me so). Thus begins the SMS convo which lasts about an hour (i think he was at a pub). So quater to 8 i drift off to sleep again, only to be called at 9 by one of our OzForces clients, for an Onsite call that lasted 4 hours. Total sleep = not much.

I experienced some of the worst software today, at OneBasketball. This onsite ended up with me sending part of their database via email to Melbourne, where the programmers there repaired the busted files and sent them back to me. I think i must have recieved/made nearly 30 phone calls today. As soon as i got home, the randomness began with Mel, The Coombs Man and Timmm turning up (barging in) and making pancakes. The Mel (ever so kindly) invited 4 of her workmates to my place, none of which i’ve ever met (or plan to meet ever again).

It’s now 1am and i feel fully powered and can’t sleep, so maybe i’ll end up with 3 days sleepless now. Could be interesting. The problem is i’m keen to go out but no one is around, and i’m still underage. That will change shortly.