I find myself once again frustrated by the lack of access to obscure soundtracks in Australia. After finding One Last Wish from the Casper movie soundtrack on the network, i’m blown away by James Horner’s work and more than a little cut i didn’t think to check the score out earlier. I didn’t realise Casper: A Spirited Beginning was so old, 1995 infact. From what i remember it was Pinnocchio but with a ghost instead of a marrionette, but don’t quote me on that. I also remember Pizza Hut’s Casper-water-squirter promotion.

Either way the song hasn’t been out of my playlist this weekend. Download it if you’ve got Kazaa open. Now all i have to do is import the CD from the states and hope we don’t get a rerun of the Red Dragon incident.

In a few hours i’m off in the OzForces APC (Roy’s car) with the OzForces Crew (Aray and Roy) to the OzForces Building (Somewhere on Kent St, Sydney) to install some more OzForces game servers (…they really are OzForces Game Servers). But i have to sleep before then, so that i’m charged to spend hours in a controlled and sterile server room, where humidity is a myth and the only thing to comfort you is the incessant drone of thousands of CPU and climate control fans.

In other news my neck is very sore from the moshing that took place at Shaaaaane’s party last night. Once Alex got going it was all you could do to not smash your head through a window. Also, i ended up ontop of a garden arch.

Meanwhile, Mert has screwed our Moby concert plans. He’s saying something about Uni or something. And how we can only get a bus to Sydney and even then it’s going to be just in time for the concert. And then we’ll have to leave practically right after. Talk about lack of commitment from a huge Moby fan. If Moby himself was reading this (and he probably is, knowing our reader base) he’d probably cry and then make a slow beat song about how Mert wasn’t faithful. I’ll put it in our Audio section when it’s done.

Speaking of Audio Section, i’ve posted a review of Rob Dougan’s Furious Angels CD in the afore mentioned section.