Last night/this morning was really all about the bins. It started with Timmy knocking over my neighbours’ bin with the Volvo o’ doom. After some tv at the Coombs’ he took the ‘stick of enforcement’ out for a drive and enforced some other bins (no damage actually done). The drive took us to our friendly neighbourhood airport for milk of all things. Some bunnies were nearly enforced on the way and the stick of enforcement was lost in the process.

From somewhere around 3am or so we watched some crap comedy then found something far more hilarious – people falling off bikes. Apparently downhill bikes are made primarily for riding downhill as the bike is usually pointed down the hill. Go figure.

On the way home Buzz and I came accross the result of some hardcore pranksters’ hard work. Sometime between 12 and 5 someone had moved 4 or so garbage bins into the middle of the road. As tempting as running them down was Buzz resisted the urge.

So I got 3 hours sleep and strangely enough feel absolutely normal. I think I’ve got more energy than I did yesterday after 9 hours sleep. However sometime during that 3 hour period my throat absolutely died to the max.

Oh yeah, and re: Buzz’s bitch about radio tools these days I yesterday heard a news bulletin in which the reporter said that some event involving the Canberra Cannons is “becoming more and more less likely to happen”. People sure are getting less and less not stupid. And I should know!