so. here’s the goods… this thing called linux. what is it and what is it good for? well some will say not much, and they’re probably right. one such person is buzzmoo .. he will hopefully be turned from the dark side one day, but that some other time.

linux is a free core part of an operating system. an operating system needs three things, hardware, a kernel and applications. windows has a kernel, you’ve all seen it crash “win kernel has died in the arse” etc. linux is actually the kernel that plugs into your hardware, and which lets applications run on top of it. when u take a kernel, and bundle it with a whole bunch of packages you get what’s called a distribution. there are thousands of linux distributions out there… redhat, mandrake, debian, a whole bunch.

so, now you know what linux actually is. perhaps one day you can sit down and check out one of the many distributions available, for free of course.

we will take u thu one such journey one time. but for now I’m hoping this is three paragraphs so that it doesn’t stuff up.

oh yeah.. I can count the paragraphs… awesome..