Last night (with much jubilation) I was informed that our OzForces business cards had finally arrived. Arriving at Bandit’s i was promptly *glomped* by little Riker, who refused to detatch himself from me, found my Super LED keyring and proceeded to shine it in my eyes as often as he could. Aray turned up also, to collect his cards, and all was well. They’re damn sexy.

My latest on-site was a trip to the Fiji High Commission, before arriving i cleverly spilt coffee on my beige pants, leaving a big brown stain all down my left leg. No worries! I’ll be sitting at a desk – or atleast i will be until the Commissioner comes out to say hello! I really have no idea what a commissioner’s purpose is, but everyone called him “Commissioner” and he drove a 700 series BMW. He’s gotta be good for something!

– While i was writing this post, the sad news struck – minutes ago, NASA shuttle Columbia has exploded upon re-entry. Elroy had dissapeared, but ran back saying something about something else exploding. I was in a pretty good mood just before, but now i feel hollow inside. All 7 crew were killed, including Israel’s first astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon. He had wife, four children and his parents waiting for his return to earth.

I don’t think i’ll write any more tonight.