Well, the lovley people at Grunenthal GmbH (D-52224 Stolberg Germany) decided that it was not a good idea to put such a warning on their boxes of medecine. Also, my doctor didn’t warn of side-effects or any other such nonsense. Well it really does have side effects.

It put me to sleep alright, actually boardered on knocking me unconcious…but because it “causes a dry throat” (which happens to be where my tonsils are) i woke up every hour or so in pain, and needing to drink more water. But every time i woke up i began hillucinating. Yes, it was not pleasant. For the first time ever my dreams manifest them within my room, so i see them infront of me, instead of in my head. I can now drink nothing but a little water otherwise i throw up, and i have a dehydration headache. Mahhh.